Nerd Card Podcast: Outlander Series

Nerd out over the STARZ Outlander TV Series with Ashlen and Whitney! Join the in depth discussion of each episode, compare the books to the show adaptation, and find out why Outlander is one of the greatest stories ever told.

Will there be spoilers?

Ashlen and Whitney have read all eight of the Outlander novels. They will not, however, spoil anything beyond the TV series story arcs. Currently, any information in Season 1-2 as well as Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber is up for discussion. Details from the novel Voyager will only be given as the show moves along unless there is a need for a spoiler section at the end of the podcast episode.

Nerd Card Podcast is not affiliated with STARZ or author Diana Gabaldon. All views expressed are our own.

Outlander Series: Episode 10
Season 1 Episode 9: The Reckoning Swashbuckling rescues, clan politics, and strained interpersonal relationships make this episode one of the
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 9
Season 1A recap: Ashlen and Whitney discuss 1A as a whole, whose acting they have been surprised with, and comment
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 8
Season 1 Episode 8: Both Sides Now A look into the multifaceted parallel story arcs of this episode, book adaptation
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 7
Season 1 Episode 7: The Wedding THE. WEDDING. Whisky all around! http://nerdcardpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/S1E7.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android |
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 6
Season 1 Episode 6: The Garrison Commander We discuss how The Garrison Commander is essentially a stage production that we
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 5
Season 1 Episode 5: Rent We are on the road with Claire and the MacKenzies as they travel to collect
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 4
Season 1 Episode 4: The Gathering In one of Ashlen’s favorite episodes we see Claire planning her escape, get to
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 3
Season 1 Episode 3: The Way Out Ashlen and Whitney discuss the similarities between past and present, the creepiness/introduction of
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 2
Season 1 Episode 2: Castle Leoch New characters galore! We discuss castle life, the supporting cast of Outlander, Claire getting
Read more.
Outlander Series: Episode 1
Season 1 Episode 1: Sassenach Let the adventure begin! In this episode we discuss Claire as our main character, what
Read more.

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