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    I wanted to Jamie in a French uniform! Other than that I try not to be to negative, but sometimes it is hard!

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    True, him showing up as a soldier and Claire being like WTF was funny in the book…maybe they could’ve shaved off some jungle time to include it

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    Here’s my probably unpopular opinion: I could’ve done without the in the show. I think that in attempting to be “politically correct” the writers changed the character and created a pointless storyline that did not serve the overall plot and the scene during the ball with Mary just sealed my opinion. It was sweet and nice, but what was the point?! Seriously would’ve rather had more LJG or literally anything else. Am I alone?

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    Above typo…haha I am talking about YTC

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    I can see what you’re saying. Why create a whole new character story arc when there’s not much time to fit in what we need to fit in? I love what they did with his character… in the end Margaret is safe and away (like the book) and Archibald is a jerk and eventually dead (like the book) so I am okay with the addition. It may have saved time, actually. We avoided the whole fiend storyline.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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