When you have two kids and full time jobs, sometimes it's difficult to just sit down and talk. Husband and wife team Ashlen and Whitney needed to do just that. With Whitney's growing fandom interests and Ashlen's insatiable desire to analyze something, Nerd Card Podcast was born. NCP is a way that they can connect and nerd out over the shows that they love. 

Meet Ashlen

Husband. Father. Visionary. Ashlen is the perfect combination of hopeless romantic, sports enthusiast, video gamer, and deep thinker. The first thing that you will notice about Ashlen when you get him talking is that he is passionate and eloquent about the things that he is interested in. This wide range of topics includes movies, television, musicals, sports, and the stock market.

Meet Whitney

Whitney is a wife, mother, and social worker. As the biggest nerd in the family, she made it her mission to open up Hogwarts, Mordor, Panem, and 18th century Scotland to anyone willing to listen. She is intelligent, creative, loyal, and is constantly looking for new realms to immerse herself in. Don’t sleep on this ex-rugby player, she has been known to throw full-sized volumes of Les Miserables across the room.