1. Sandra Gulliver
    December 13, 2017

    Hi guys, great podcast, as always.
    How sad is it that we are back in Droughtlander season once again, it went so fast!
    I just felt this season would have been better told over 16 episodes, rather than the 13, there was so much packed in, and I really can’t see how non book readers can really make sense on what they saw.
    I just wanted more Lord John, I thought David Berry nailed it, and really hope we get loads more of him (as in the book, and NOT CUT) in the following seasons.
    I would love them to do “The Scottish Prisoner” book, with Sam and David, that would be AWESOME – you really need to read that book Whitney, I think Ashlen has?, but you would really love it, and now you can imagaine Sam and David as Jamie and John, and see how their friendship really gets started on their romp to Ireland – it would make a great TV movie to back up Outlander, I think.

    Hope you come back during Droughtlander to chat about the show, and what we are looking forward to in S4.

    Have a great Christmas and New year, love to you both and your lovely family xx

    1. Whitney
      December 16, 2017

      Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for always joining in the discussion. David Berry was FANTASTIC as LJG. Looking forward to seeing more of him 🙂 We have some plans for Droughtlander so keep a look out! We’ll have our Season 3 wrap up and then will do our Season 4 preview. Perhaps more, if we get some ideas 🙂 I have read The Scottish Prisoner but do want to re read it. Ashlen has not. We hope you have a great holiday and happy new year!

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