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  1. Sandra Gulliver
    December 7, 2017

    Great podcast guys, only one left! What will we do ……….

    Outlander the Bakra
    Awesome, full on episode, loved it.
    So, so pleased to see Lord John, he got the Joy/wanting/passion/jealousy just right, I thought David Berry is just wonderful as LJG. He has nailed it, IMO, awesome!

    Geillis was great, she doesn’t say the like “of all the gin joints..” but she does call her baby the “wee Rattling” and talks about him being as warm as his fathers balls.

    Mr Willoughby was great, I’m assuming him and Margaret will become an item and (hopefully) and live happily ever after.

    I’m hoping that Claire asks Lord John for help to free Jamie then plays Dr Stern’s role and goes with Claire and Jamie to rescue Ian (probably a wish too far, but that would have been great)

    Great episode!


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