1. Sandra Gulliver
    November 13, 2017

    Hi Guys, great podcast as always. Great to get your thoughts – I tend to agree with Ashlyn on many points in this one.

    Overall, good episode, moved the story along, pretty much as per book. But I feel they are having to cram too much story into each episode, it all seems rushed and there is a LOT of story to get into the remaining 4 episodes, I just hope the important scenes are not cut out.

    I agree, I also didn’t like Claire’s non confirmation to Jamie that she was happy to stay with him.There was no doubt with book Claire.

    I missed Marsali asking Claire about birth control, and Claire telling her she has had children, and told her about the Daughter she left behind.
    I hope we still get that, but the momement may have been lost, lets hope they pop that back in somewhere, but would have been nice before Claire left the ship, as they don’t meet up again until on the beach and in the book, they were on better terms by then, than this has left them.

    I would have liked Claire to tell Jamie about what she wrote to Bree, in the letter she left her, and I would have liked Jamie to sit and look at Bree’s photos, they seem to have been dismissed, somewhat, and were very central to the book.

    Wasn’t it Mr Willoghby that betrayed Jamie to the customs man?
    The way they are writing him in the show, this man wouldn’t do that, would he?

    I’m really looking forward to LJG and Claire meeting on the boat next week, and if they cut that, I will not be at all happy!

    1. Whitney
      November 14, 2017

      Hi Sandra! As always thank you so much for your great insights. Yes, I’m concerned about the remaining time we have to fit all of the important story moments in. Crossing my fingers for at least one more extended episode. Part of me feels like we could have gotten rid of the Jonah storyline and focused on the discord/coming together amongst the main characters’ relationships.

      Regarding YTC, I think his angry outburst at the end of his story indicates to me that he very well could do something like that. We will see how the show handles it.

      Yes, if we don’t get LJG I will be disappointed. However, there are many things to cover so I wouldn’t be absolutely shocked if they leave him out until later.

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