1. Sandra Gulliver
    November 6, 2017

    Really loving young Ian, already loved him in the book, but REALLY loving how John Bell has made him his own!
    Ian puts his foot in his mouth a lot, and I think he is very like Claire in this way (only way worse because he is younger)
    I can’t remember where, or in which book, but somewhere Jamie says Ian “minds me of you” to Claire, and John is playing Ian this way, which is great.
    also really love the way the relationship with Ian and Claire is progressing, really loving that.

    I also think it was sad we didn’t get the Jamie/Ian thrashing because Ian having to do this to Jamie, is where Ian actually understood right from wrong.
    It was a great life lesson that Jamie taught him, and we didn’t get that moment.

    The other moment I missed from the book, was where Claire actually went off – left for the last time- and Ian went to find her, to bring her back convincing Claire that Jamie asked him to get her, and bought her back to Lallybroch to save Jamie from his gunshot. (Jamie told Ian NOT to get Claire, he didn’t want her to come back out of pity) (nobody told Ian to get her in fact Jenny called him a cuckoo in the nest, which I wanted to be in the show)

    I would have liked Claire to have said that the attackers death was an accident (even if she didn’t go into saying about trying to then save him)
    I would also have liked Claire to say she was pregnant when Culloden happened and Jamie wanted her and the baby to be safe and made her go back, and I agree, she should have told them that she is from the future and went back (so she couldn’t write any letters)- leave it to them to believe or not.
    She does tell them when they go back to Scotland in An Echo in the Bone, so it would just have been on an earlier visit, but I would have liked her to say, because, when Bree turns up, they would accept her as well – it would fit in with the show, and eventually would make sense to them. (The show isn’t sticking to the book all the time, so I would have liked that change)

    the lovely grey-lag line, was something Bree told Ian, she told him that Jamie had told her, and she repeated it to Ian, when he was telling her about his wife, but that is way further on…

    the Laoghaire thing must be either a “Woman’s” thing or a book reader’s thing, but I was so shocked in the book that Jamie would actually MARRY the woman that tried to get Claire burned as a witch, left them the ill wish etc etc
    and I really really hate the Laoghaire character, and I don’t like the way the show is making Laoghaire into the “wronged woman”
    In the book Laoghaire just wanted everything, was nasty, and when Bree comes she is horrible to her too, I just don’t like her and don’t want the Show to make me feel I should like her.

    Really loved Big Ian pointing out to Jenny that when ‘poop’ surfaces you put it in the pot and keep stirring!

    May I just say, Sam has really rocked Jamie this season, (he always does) but this year he has just stepped up even more, he has been awesome, IMO
    Cait has also nailed every scene, but Sam has been outstanding, and needs to WIN some major awards real soon!

    I would go back to find out when the last laugh was between Jamie and Claire, but NOTHING would make me go anywhere book 2 ever again, sorry…

    Im not liking the “doubting Claire” she just wanted to be with Jamie in the book, and I want “show Claire” to also be sure.

    Anyway, the chase starts now, and let Voyager begin, finally…

    1. Whitney
      November 7, 2017

      I’m wondering if the last laugh in the show was S2 after Jamie and his men disabled the cannons. I mean, it wasn’t *laughing* but it was playful and intimate as opposed to tired and desperate

  2. Linda Coppage
    November 6, 2017

    I listen to several podcasts and I enjoyed this one very much. Good work.

    1. Whitney
      November 7, 2017

      Thank you so much Linda!

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