1. Sandra Gulliver
    October 30, 2017

    Hi Guys
    So please you love Stranger things as well, I spent Saturday binge watching that! Looking forward to your podcasts there too.

    Great Podcast, as always, and I agree with all you say.
    My observations:-
    #Spoilers – don’t read if non-book reader
    S307, definitely a plot development episode, mind you, they did change a lot from the book, which I’m not sure how that will all pan out. For example:-
    Mr Campbell / re book Rev Campbell – In the book he was the fiend that killed women, and if he is leaving for the west indies tomorrow, well, I just wonder how his character will develop, as Mr Willoughby knows (or can sense) the Rev is a murderer (in the book).
    Also, in the book, as you say, Mr Willoughby kills the excise man, where as in the show, it was more of an accident.
    I did want Claire to explain about the Dr’s oath upon her, but I think in the books, she went through this later on, and I hope that we still see that, it would make more sense to Jamie.
    Whatever Claire used to put the excise man to sleep, worked – she didn’t have anything like that in the book! Having said that, will it mean she doesn’t need the ether? How will that change, well…Everything!
    In the fire, Jamie did also save his printing press, before he picked up Willie’s photo, I believe. We see him pushing it into a safe room and closing the door on it, before getting Willie’s photo then throwing Ian over his shoulder and getting out.
    This was good, because otherwise, it would affect “future events”.
    Well, so far (and I have read everything, all the books, novellas etc.) there isn’t anyone in them I HATE more that Laoghaire, so I really can’t see any way they can “soften up” her part in this, I hated the attempts at end of S2 for Claire to tell Jamie to forgive her. “damn her eyes”
    I would be ‘Verra surprised’ if everyone starts feeling sorry for her, if they do, it will be all but one (me).
    I fear we are a little way off from our Claire and Jamie as we know and love them, at the moment they are still strangers and getting to know each other again. Claire is still holding on to her 20th Century ways, but will soon get back into Jamie’s world, we just have to be patient and watch, I guess.
    I feel next week will be “rather fraught” but we need to get past it and onto the “adventure”.
    Have a great week guys, and looking to your thoughts on Stranger Things.

    1. Sandra Gulliver
      October 30, 2017

      Actually, looking at the episode again, I think Jamie may have pushed the printing press to the window, I’m not sure….. any thoughts?

      1. Whitney
        November 1, 2017

        Yes, he pushed it and used it to climb up with Ian. Lots of future plot points were set up so we will see what happens!

  2. Jenn
    October 30, 2017

    Great podcast! I think the dr oath bit got cut but will be in the extended scenes on the dvd. It was part of pillow talk maybe. I think I heard that on the 306 STARZ podcast.
    Loved the bromance thing with Young Ian and Fergus! Like you, I am also curious how the Willoby character arc will go. I think it will be a shock about how he really feels about his situation like on the ship in the books where the crew treats him badly. He tells his story and you feel sorry for him but then he tells them they are all vulgar??
    Loved how Jamie and the others exchange looks and you know it is about his other wife.

    1. Sandra Gulliver
      October 31, 2017

      They seem to have softened the Willoughby character, so maybe the ship voyage won’t be as fraught for him. We will see… can’t wait for next week’s explosive episode, can you?

  3. Ashlen
    October 31, 2017

    Yeah I am curious what they are going to do. They made a point to avoid Willoughby having a foot fetish, so I doubt they even go down that road. He seems to be more accepted by the smugglers, so I doubt he will really be ostracized from the group on the ship.

  4. Moolach Ard
    November 5, 2017

    Hey guys, thanks for the blog mention! Nice podcast!
    Couple of comments: the only cold opens (action before the credits) that I can think of were The Reckoning and A. Malcolm. Not something they do very often.
    Regarding this EP….oh lordy, I had SO many issues with it (as a book fan), but I will only mention one big one: I feel like we (the audience) were being manipulated into really disliking these people. I understand there needs to be SOME conflict & awkwardness, but this version of J&C was almost unrecognizable. It’s overkill, IMO, and had come dangerously close to turning me off of the show. I don’t need to see two of my two favorite book characters turned into a sanctimonious b**ch and a lying, douchy a-hole. (**Note: I did watch 308 today (which was FANTASTIC) and am thrilled to see book J&C have returned, but this only adds to my “feeling manipulated” comment).
    Regarding Laoghaire, they did “soften her up” last season precisely for the reason that book readers were so angry that show Jamie knew what she had done to Claire. The reason everyone was so put off by it is that it would have been completely out of character for Jamie to marry her knowing that. I actually wrote a few blog posts about messing with Jamie’s character last season, in case you’re interested! https://justagirlwithspirit.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/yeah-it-kind-of-is-about-the-sex/ and https://justagirlwithspirit.wordpress.com/2016/08/15/looking-for-mr-fraser/).
    It made sense in the books because he doesn’t know. (He even SAYS he would never have married her if he had known when C tells him in Fiery Cross). It was one of those inexplicable & unnecessary changes in S1 that should have been avoided because of the trickle-down effects in this season. Just sayin.
    I have to say that listening to your comments about 307 made me dislike it a bit less, so thanks for that. 😏
    Anyway, great work on the podcast. Looking forward to the next one!

    1. ashandwhitj
      November 7, 2017

      You certainly weren’t alone in feeling Jamie and Claire were different in 307. It’s hard bc on the one hand they *are* different but on the other it’s not like this in the book. I’m so glad you stuck with it and watched 308! We will certainly take a look at those blog posts, thanks so much for posting!

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