1. Sandra Gulliver
    October 23, 2017

    Re the book checking at start, I just thought Jamie came into the print shop and just checked what was happening on that day (he had the meeting he was late for) etc.
    Anyway, great episode, I reread the chapters relating to this in Voyager, and they pretty much stick to the book, very well done, I thought.
    I liked the inclusion of Jamie telling Claire about William, it was the right time, but agree, it did take away from Bree, I thought. Only a small thing, but in the book, Jamie really “lost it” on seeing Bree’s photo’s and I didn’t feel we really got that impact.
    My little niggle was (and its a tiny thing) but when she introduced herself to Mr Willoughby, she was going to say Claire Randall, then Jamie quickly said Malcolm – but Claire just wouldn’t have said Randall, in the book, she had been using the name Fraser all the time, in the coach on her way there etc, and she just would not have thrown the name Randall out in front of Jamie, in the past, if not using Frazer, she would use beauchamp. it wasn’t in the book, she would never have said it, and I just can’t see why they put it in.

    I definitely do not agree that Claire would be more accepting if Jamie loved William’s mother, I think she just wanted to know, that she was the love of his life, and that she didn’t come back, give up everything, for someone that could get over her.
    (must be a woman’s take)

    There was one line they left out, that I thought would bring a smile to many of the watchers, when Claire said “I want to see you” in the book, Jamie says “its not much to see, but what there is, is yours” ( I mean NOT MUCH TO SEE?!) LOL

    I also agree, it wasn’t my top episode, for this season, I do think 304 is still my number one, but then I loved William, Jamie and William, and John, and Jamie and John, it was more emotional for me.

    It was a great episode though, and very well done.

    with Mr Willoughby, I think they will avoid the “feet thing” altogether (hope the do)

    Great podcast guys, thank you once again, love it!

    1. ashandwhitj
      October 30, 2017

      Sandra, I like your explanation in regards to checking the book. He may just be looking at the itinerary for the day. I can buy that.

  2. Jenn
    October 30, 2017

    In the books Jamie talks about there is room for secrets but not lies only truth between them from Outlander. But what is the difference really? Willie is fine but his current relationship situation is not? Just trying to figure out how to separate them. I love that he tells her about willie but willie is not in his life now and would never make her want to leave so he is free to tell her.

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