Outlander Series: Episode 37

Season 3 Episode 4: “Of Lost Things”

A&W process this emotionally charged episode with no little discussion of some controversial topics from the source material. We follow Claire, Bree, and Roger as they search for confirmation of Jamie’s survival and whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jamie is in a new kind of prison at Helwater.


  1. Beth Miller
    October 2, 2017

    This was my first listen to the 2 of u . You both make some good points . It s always interesting to see how a man will interpret a scene . Thr biggest problem I see on Voyager season 3 so far is that they get so little time to cover too much . That book is the biggest and ideally I think it needed the 16 ep arrangement season 1 had . After all the story covers 20 yrs while season 1 only covered 1 year . And they have to start over in many ways in their relationship like in season 1 . I think most of what you object to just needs a few more scenes to help explain it further .
    I appreciate the male speaker here trying hard to say Murtagh ‘s name correctly . It s to his credit . If you would also say Edinburgh with the pronunciation the Scots use of the sound on the end of that place name in their country being “burhah” , it would really help us feel that you are wishing to not leave the Scots with the wrong impression about you .Ok? In this podcast you sounded like you were saying “Edinboro” to me which is incorrect, as you know .

    1. ashandwhitj
      October 2, 2017

      Ashlen here: You are completely right with the ending. I have been saying “Edinboro” Kind of like the 5 Boroughs of New York. Thank you for letting me know the right pronunciation! I am in the same boat as you, they really need at least 16 episodes to do the book justice.

  2. Sandra Gulliver
    October 2, 2017

    Hi Guys
    Great Podcast as always, (I do look forward to yours)
    Great episode, IMO, one of the best, for me.
    Loved all the Helwater scenes, I thought they did the Geneva and Jamie better than the book, and I’m pleased they only “did it once” rather than him spend all night, as per book.
    His nod to Clair was his explanation of what Love is, and how he had given and recieved complete love (with his wife) but he was kind to Geneva, she looked like Claire, he is a man, and we needed a way of getting William, so I was ok with this.
    I have more of a problem with Laoghaire, but that is still to come (I HATE LEGOHAIRE more than anyone else in these books (even BJR)
    lovely to see Roger and Bree kiss, starting off their story, although sad, as everyone is at the parting.
    I loved everything about WILLIAM the young actor, Clark Butler, was awesome, I thought, very good, and it was lovely to see Jamie have at least 5 years bringing up his son, as best he could.
    Regarding Jamie offer his body to LJG, that was a TEST, if John had accepted, Jamie would not have put William into his care and would probably have killed John (this is made very clear in the books) Jamie would not have gone through with it. However, when John declined his offer, Jamie did actually kiss John, as a thank you, and I did miss that – it is the only thing John ever gets from Jamie, so I felt John was short changed there (seeing what Jamie has gone through, a simple kiss woudn’t have killed him) but maybe that’s just me.
    the ending was heart wrenching with Clair giving up her search, Bree leaving Roger, Roger losing them both, and as for Jamie, well, having to walk away from William, broke my heart, John having to give up Jamie, but has his son now, and will love him and bring him up for Jamie, and also for himself. I think Jamie was also sad to leave John.
    The ending was perfect and I am so please with the song and that it was used for end credits, right up to “my blue eyed son”

    Jamie’s hair – why was it so red? It has never been that red before, and I thought they were trying to get his and Bree’s the same colour?

    Re Jamie / Jo and Harry – It is that chap that his cancer came back, and Harry helped him die, a mercy death, that Harry wanted.
    I think Roger will find him, and then she will give in her notice and go back to Scotland next week. – again, that’s just me.
    In the Future William is very important, and will become more so I think in yet unwritten books, so William is very important.
    David Berry is awesome, and plays LJG brilliantly, but Sam is yet again my outstanding actor of the episode, he was outstanding, as he has been all season, as you say, he has stepped up another level.
    Anyway, great to listen to you both and to hear your thoughts, keep up the great work guys, thank you.

    1. Whitney
      October 2, 2017

      Whitney here:
      Hi Sandra! Thank you so much for listening and for your insightful feedback from the episode. This episode was very well done.

      I was sad to see that they left out Jamie giving John the kiss. They never shy away from much on Outlander so I wondered what the thought process was there. Part of me thinks they thought it would confuse the audience and seem out of character for Jamie, given his past. We haven’t had as much time with LJG in the show as we get in the books so the establishment of that relationship might not be as solidified for viewers as it is for book readers. David and Sam were FABULOUS.

      I’m excited to see Claire’s journey next episode and how the show brings her back to her mission to find Jamie. Jamie’s story has driven S3 but I’m thinking Claire might take over for a bit.

      1. Sandra Gulliver
        October 11, 2017

        I agree with all you say Whitney, and that is probably why Jamie didn’t kiss John, but I did so want John to get his moment, he has a long life ahead and gives so much of it to Jamie/ Jamie’s son, daughter, wife (Claire) all for the love of Jamie, can we hope he will get something later – maybe when they meet up in Jamaica and John gives Jamie the picture of William, perhaps?? hope??

  3. Joy
    October 2, 2017

    Jamie has had to shut down most of his emotions; in the book, when Geneva is being ‘schooled’ by him, they perform the sex act several times… they are enjoying it. It’s like a starved man being given a feast and, well, why not. Don’t be so hard on Jamie. In the program there is not the same amount of time to build or explain his emotions and still keep the story line.

    1. Whitney
      October 2, 2017

      Hi Joy, Whitney here!

      The hardest part about a TV adaptation of a novel is the amount of time we get to fully explain ever facet of the story. Point being: we can’t 🙂 I agree, we weren’t able to see/experience a lot of Jamie’s emotions here.

      What we DID see though, is him taking some of his own power back while still being in a powerless situation. Geneva threatened him and dictated her requests to him. He turned the power around and created his own boundaries.

      He told her not to call him Jamie. He told her she could watch him. He dictated the pace of the proceedings and what she should do. She said she loved him and he redirected her. I was impressed by the scene (though it was stillllll too long for my taste given the lack of Jamie and Claire intimacy in S2). Hannah James made an AWESOME Geneva.

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